Friday, 12 March 2010

Keeping your spot on the Sofa

It’s my spot, and I will claim it at all costs.

CIMG1174 No matter how much room you take up, I’m not budging!

CIMG1175cos I was here first!

I’m a big fat ginger holding my own on the sofa cat!


  1. Puss, your humans must learn that the entire sofa is yours and you will allow them only a tiny piece of it as suits your mood.

    We must say, you do seem to enjoy the camera! Our human's first adoptee, Chumley, would pose for the camera, but she can't get us to. Two of us run away (Annie and Derry) and one is indifferent (Nicki). You, however, are VERY photogenic and a seemingly willing subject!

  2. You're fighting the good fight. Sofa's are ours and ours alone.

  3. We're on your side, Puss! Don't give up your spot!


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