Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Photo Game

My friends over at The Paw Relations tagged me into the Photo Game.  You have to open your picture folder, pick the 10th photo, and then write a little about it.  Now, I might be slightly handicapped for this, as my Mum has several photo folders cos she’s organised!!  So, I will pick the 10th photo from each, and we will see what we get.  There’s no caveat that they all have to be cat photos, is there?

From the main photo folder.


This is an easy one, it’s me in the snow a few weeks ago.  I’m not really hiding, it just looks that way.

This is from the Unsorted Photos folder.  Yes, she’s that sad, she copies the photos from the camera into this folder, then moves them from there into the others.  She says it’s being organised.

CIMG1165This is a picture of some plumbing work we had done recently.  I wasn’t allowed in to inspect it, as Dad thought I’d get lost under the floorboards.  As if!  Doesn’t he know I am an big fat ginger I know where I am at all times Cat?

Ah, now we’re talking, this is from the Cat Pictures Folder.  Yes, I have my own special folder that only contains pictures of me.  In fact, there are more pictures of me than of anything else! CIMG0990 I’m just takin it easy on the rug!

Finally, from the Boat folder.

CIMG0954This is the boat thingy, just after the shell was finished and before it was craned into the water for the insides to be fitted out.  It looks big, doesn’t it. 

Incidentally, we had a boat blog first before we had a cat blog, but Mum kept posting about me on the boat blog, and it was quickly turning into a cat blog.  This is when I got a blog of my own, and about time too, I think!  If you’re interested in the boat thing, where there might still be some gratuitous photos of Me, then you can wander on over to

Now, according to the rules I have to tag 5 other kitty bloggers, so here goes.  I pick

Eric & Flynn

Hannah & Lucy

Maximus Spittimus

Fat Eric

and lastly, but of course not leastly

Tober, the Thorntown Library Cat.

Of course, if you can’t play, it’s no problem.

I’m a big fat ginger photogenic cat!


  1. Brrrrrr - that snow looks cold on the paws!

  2. We might be getting snow next week! Looking pretty hunky in your rollover, Puss!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. We love your sleeping-on-the-rug pose, Puss. You sleep with utter abandon.

    And wow, that's a big boat! It looks HUGE to us!

  4. We like the way you sleep, very relaxed. Your boat looks lovely.

  5. Our fave pic is yoo taking it easy on the rug!


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