Friday, 7 May 2010

3 in a Bed

Now in our house, we all sleep together in the big bed. Well, I sleep on the sofa, and on my cushion as well, and Dad does his fair share of sofa-napping also.  But at bedtimes, we have a routine.  Mum usually goes up first, and if I’m not up and complaining about it being time to go to bed, she gives me a little head rub on the way past, just so I knows.

I then follow her up, she gets in one side, and I get on the other.  Then Dad comes up, and he has to get in on the side where he can.  I’ll lay there for a bit in the middle, but I normally sleep at the bottom, in between Mum’s feet, so as I don’t get squashed in the night.

Last night though, I was so tired, even though Mum told me it was bedtime, I went back to sleep on my cushion.  They went to bed, and waited, and waited, and waited.  In the end Dad got up again and came down and got me. 

He said “Honestly Puss, I can’t get any sleep with you on the bed” (because apparently I’m always in the way – as you can see I do take up rather a lot of room - and I purr too loudly), “but I can’t get any sleep with you not on the bed either!”.  I think he was worried about me.  Bless!

CIMG1119 I’m a big fat ginger in charge of the bed cat.


  1. Aw, Puss, that is SO sweet! Your mum and dad love you very much, we can see that.

    We come and go on the bed with our human...except Annie, who won't come up anymore when we boys are around. Our human misses her at night, but hey, she has us, she doesn't need the crabby one. Heh.

  2. My goodness - you've got your dad very well trained.

  3. Oh Puss, you are the best Cat! A feline sleeping aid, pure and simple!
    xx lounge kats

  4. A very spoiled kitty :) Love it!

    my Tanner weighs about the same as you...some weeks we see weigh loss, some weeks weight gain...he eats about the same each's strange for sure. Good luck with the dieting.

  5. Mom loves to have us sleep with her too. Except for the kittens, they are just so energetic. But the little older ones are great company. It sounds like you man and woman do love you a lot. You are so lucky to have such a great home.

  6. Yoo've got yoor dad well trained. Our dad twitches in his sleep so I cuddle up on mom's side of the bed.

    Milo xx

  7. Your dad can't sleep without your example and inspiration? That's so sweet.

  8. We made Photoguy post an inspirational video for your dad on our blog.


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