Monday, 3 May 2010

The Big Weekend Weigh In

You may remember when I was catnipped to the V-E-T’s, and the V-E-T said I was too fat and needed to lose some weight?  Well, this weekend, we had the big weigh in. 

2 weeks ago, I was 8.1 kg.  I’ve been very good and haven’t cheated.  Mum has been carefully weighing out my food each morning, even though it takes a lot longer and I have to complain greatly to speed things up. 

So after all that, how come that I now weigh 8.2 kg, heavier than when we started.  I need to have a lie down to think about that.


I’m a big fat ginger heavier than when I started cat!


  1. Hahahaha. Oh, sorry, Puss, really. It depends on what you're eating--if it's a high carb (grain) diet, it's like humans trying to lose weight eating almost nothing but bread and pasta.

    Or maybe you just need to get up and move more.

    Or maybe you were retaining water. MOL!

  2. Oh dear! it's hard to lose weight and sometimes the food the vet wants us to eat is full of so many thing that will make us put on weight. We aren't made to eat more than 2 - 5% carbohydrate and those diet foods are often up to 40% carbs. Kea is totally right up there.

    Maybe a grain free wet food would help you. We are in the UK (where getting grain/soya/filler free cat food is really hard) but we have one called Bozita, from Sweden. It comes in tetra packs and is very yummy. You can order it online from or or It has helped us keep our weight stable. It's a complete food too.

    It's a bit of a secret but Butchers Classic Cat Food which comes in pouches and tins is also grain/soya/filler free too. It's cheap, but it's better quality than diet foods - vets also suggest it for cats who have teeth and gum problems too (low carbs/sugars)

    Did you know that one cat poo weighs about 200g, so if you hadn't had one the morning you were weighed, that could mean you HAD lost some weight!


  3. Tee hee! Haff yoo been sneaking food from neighbours?

  4. You are not fat, you are cuddly! (and a handsome Ginger too!) Mama says she knows how you feel because the same thing happens when she diets.

  5. Uh oh! MOL!!! We agree with Whicky's response.

  6. Oh we hate when that happens!! Maybe you need less napping and some more exercise??

  7. Well, I think you look terrific!

  8. Hey, don't lose any naps over it.....we think you look just fine the way you are!!!!!

  9. We are on board with Whicky...Mommy started us on wet foods and we have ALL slimmed down without being hungry. Mommy did some research and it's amazing--the cat food companies have sold the public a load of trash about kibble!
    Still, we think you are gorgeous...a lotta gingercat to love!
    xx lounge kats

  10. That sounds like the story of our lives! We're on a diet too, but it's because we're moving in a weight-specified crate to go overseas! Mummy says we've put on too much weight since coming to live with her and daddy. We're now eating 'Lite' food!!
    Whicky, you are so full of knowledge. We're going to try the wet food too! Mummy didn't know about the carb in cat food!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla


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