Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More Weight Thoughts

Thanks to everyone who left comments about my not losing any weight.  I think the real problem is that I’d rather be sleeping on the bed than running about exercising.  Sometimes I don’t even eat all the food Mum weighs out for me! 

And Whicky, about the poo thing.  I hadn’t thought about that, and I poo a lot, so that would make a big difference.  The V-E-T did say that they should weigh me once a month, so maybe after the first fortnight is being a bit previous..

Mum has duly noted the comments about the food, but I really don’t like wet food.  Give me the dried stuff any day, and I’ll snaffle that down as quick as looking at it.  Mum bought me a tin of Tesco’s Finest Catsucculent Flakes of Tuna the other week, before I was on the diet.Not a very good picture I know, but blame the Tesco Website.  I liked the smell of it, and got quite excited once she put it into my bowl.  I didn’t actually eat any of the tuna, but I gave the jelly a good licking!

I don’t really think I am overweight, and neither does Dad.  I’ve always been a big ginger mancat!  Mum is a bit worried though, as she knows overweight kitties can have problems.  I’m just gonna tell her to stop worrying, and it’s back to bed for me!!


I’m a big fat ginger not worried about being on a diet cat!


  1. We don't think you are overweight either, Puss. The last time our human took Nicki in, he weighed 11 pounds and the vet said he should lose a pound. One pound. Sheesh. Our human sure didn't worry about that. And in Nicki's case, he's extremely active, with a lean and rangy body type.

    Obese isn't good, of course, but we wouldn't worry about a pound or two unless there are other health issues. We kinda think it's better to be a tiny bit overweight--so our bodies have resources if ever we get sick and don't eat or eat much. Our human worries more about Annie being UNDERweight!

    BTW, our Derry doesn't like wet food, either, but our human makes him eat it by giving him scant amounts of kibble. He has to be pretty hungry before he'll touch wet, though.

    The bottom line is that your mum just has to do what works best for YOU, and our own human has learned over the years that what's good for one cat isn't necessarily good for another.

  2. From that photo, you look *just right* to us! You are a spectacularly handsome ginger cat! Felix would like to say that Ornj Cats rule!
    xx lounge kats

  3. You look mighty fine to us. Some cats just have a tendency to be a bit bigger than other cats.

  4. We fink these VETS are diet mad! Our vet told Alfie he was overweight and he only weighed 10lb! And he was already a mancat! How silly is that?
    So as long as yoo are healthy and not gaining weight and can enjoy life ... yoo're fine!

  5. Words I won't allow my apes or the vet to use:-


    They may use the word "sturdy" instead.

    Puss, you are sturdy. Sturdy is good. Oh yes.

    Whicky Wuudler


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