Sunday, 23 May 2010

Not Feeling Photogenic!

I wasn't feeling very co-operative today.  To much of having that flashy box thing pointed at me.


One minute I'm lying on the mat minding my own business.  Then the flashy box thing comes out, and I'm off.


A cat just can't get any peace.


I did stick my tongue out at Mum, but she doesn't take any notice.

I'm a big fat ginger can't get any peace cat.


  1. Well, a mancat has to draw the line somewhere! Enough with the flashy box already!

  2. Puss, the trick is:- when your Mum hassles you with that ruddy camera, get started immediately on a thorough (and noisy) bum cleaning session. Legs akimbo, everything on display, pull faces, roll around, you know the drill.

    I find this works wonders.

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Humans are a pain in the patookis with than flashy box. And now our Mommy is learning how to use one, too! We're doomed.

    Pee Ess: our word verification was "unmast"!

  4. Flashy box can be scary but the hooman holding the flashy box is even scarier!!!!!

  5. Flashy box is such an annoyance but we just love seeing photos of our handsome Puss.


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