Friday, 14 May 2010

We're Back Blogging!!

OK, So Mum think's she's got it all sorted out now. The computer's up and running fine, but she's gone from a PC to a Mac, which is apparently a bit complicated. I was just a little concerned, as she's just deleted a load of pictures of me!! How can that be? She says they are duplicates, but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, it's all been a bit traumatic. She's been using Windows Live Writer, but that doesn't work on a Mac, so it's taken a while to find an alternative. Then there's been more photo sorting to deal with. One thing after another.

Anyway, while she sorts all that out, I'm off for a snooze on the sofa with my Dad.

I'm a big fat ginger all computered out cat!


  1. Hello we're pleased to meet you. Computers can be a pain in the butt can't they. It was a great photo of you snoozing with your Dad.

  2. What about Photoshop Elements? My human has the professional version, regular Photoshop (in fact, she has the whole Creative Suite because she's a micro publisher), but before she had it, she used Photoshop Elements, and I think it does mostly the same things as Window Live Writer.

  3. Beautiful photo of you.

  4. Puss, you're smart to leave the computer stuff to your mom. Enjoy your nap!

  5. Hurrah! You're up and running. The rest is gravy!

  6. We hope your mom got the computer all figured out while you napped.


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