Saturday, 29 May 2010

Saturday Snoopervising in the Garden

At the weekends, it's important to spend some snoopervising things out in the garden, and I've got just the spot for that.


From here, I can keep an eye on everything.  See the fence.  That's keeping the vegetables safe from the other neighbourhood kitties.  Of course, I don't go in there!!!


A cat's got to keep an eye on these things.

I'm a big fat ginger keeping an eye on things cat.


  1. We're sure you'd never go into the vegetable garden, Puss! ;-)

    Excellent spot from which to snoopervise; have fun!

  2. You're doing a pawsome job! Your hooman should give a promotion and pay you extra treats!

  3. That wall looks like an awesome place to keep watch. Does your Mom grow you any nip?

  4. She grows me Kitty Grass - is that the same thing?

  5. Puss! You are looking exceptionally handsome today. Our girl kitties are just swooning! And mum always goes all silly over big kitty boys.
    Kitty grass is the nice healthy grass that we kitties are allowed to chew. Very tasty! Nip is the stuff that makes act goofy if we respond to it. Not all cats do. Have you ever heard of "Plague Ratsies"? They're just heaven!

  6. You are doing a good snoopervising job. No introoder kitties with any sense will go into your garden.


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