Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday in the Garden

Friday is a good day to spend some time in the garden.  Here I am taking it easy.


The grass is looking nice and green now, you can tell I've been looking after it.  Dad says you've got to let it grow a bit before you cut is again.

Totally unrelated, Mum & Dad went to where they are going to keep the boat thing.  She didn't take many photos, but this is one of the boats they saw.


It's a bit of a funny looking thing, too much on the top apparently. I'm a bit worried about the boat thing.

I'm a big fat ginger checking the garden cat.


  1. We think you're going to love being on a boat!

    We have an award for you! Please drop by and pick it up.

  2. Puss,
    You look stunning on the long green grass.
    We're a bit nervous for you...that boat look dicey to us!

  3. Hmm, it looks very, umm, wet there.


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